Jazz and Stage Music

The Faculty of Jazz and Stage Music educates students in three specialities, namely, composition and arrangement, instrumental, and vocal studies. Students of jazz music constitute a colourful group of diverse and extraordinary personalities seeking artistic fulfillment and the possibility of individual expression in music.

This faculty offers a wide range of different styles, including Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, R&B, Pop, Funk and Jazz-Rock. All classes are conducted by eminent artists and distinguished teachers. The pride of our Jazz and Stage Music Faculty is our Big-Band which has won awards at numerous national and European competitions. A most distinctive and expressive group of musicians are the students educated in classes of piano, saxophone, guitar, double bass, trumpet, trombone and percussion, with vocal studies also producing amazing vocal group.

Students of Jazz and Stage Music, above all, love music and with a true passion and they totally devote themselves to it. They take active participation not only in the artistic life of the Pomeranian Region but also in national and international festivals and music competitions.